And we are growing.

For the last few months, listeners of the Future Astronauts Podcast probably remember a few references I made to “exciting announcements”. Teasing that we had plans in the pipelines, but I never elaborated. While we knew what we wanted to do, we had to take some time to figure it all out. Well, now we are there.

In case you missed it yesterday, we announced our brand new show Future Astronauts Horizons (you can listen to episode one over here). Horizons is the brainchild of 100 day delay, who has been working with me in the background on Future Astronauts as a whole, starting back at Vessels V. Horizons focuses on new music and artist discovery, and isn’t pigeon-holed into genres. You can expect a mix of both electronic and acoustic music, ranging from ambient to post-rock and everything in between. It’ll run alongside the regular Future Astronauts Podcast on a bi-weekly basis. That means we’ve upped our output to one show every week.

(Edit: We’re now on iTunes. Expect to see it in your favourite podcast app soon! If you use an RSS app for your podcasts, you can grab the new link here.)

That’s not all though, we’re working on more Vessels compilations. The last five Vessels compilations have been a success, each one growing more than the last. Future Astronauts as a concept has always been about introducing people to new music, and we want to do much more of that. We don’t have any set dates yet, but there will be many more Vessels compilations to come in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

For now though, I hope you enjoy the first episode of Horizons, and make sure you tune in this Sunday for episode #092 of the Future Astronauts Podcast.

– Soular Order.