Vessels VII is almost here. Initially, we had mentioned May 15th as the projected release date. Unfortunately, we soon realised we would miss that. Putting together a compilation always has its complications. But now we’re here, and we have a concrete date:

Vessels VII will release digitally on Wednesday 29th May 2019, and on limited edition cassette on Thursday 27th June 2019.

(Edit: Previously, 27th May was listed. This was correct until our distributor decided that we had to change our artwork because it didn’t include the word ‘Vessels’, but Vessels was in the release title (uh, okay???). This means, due to their policy, we now couldn’t use the intended release date because it was “too late” because of their delay, so, the next available date is 29th May. Apologies about this. Completely out of our hands.)

Cassette pre-orders will open on 29th May, and all pre-orders will include an instant download of the digital edition. It’ll also be launching on Spotify and iTunes on the same date.

We’re also really happy to announce the artists featured on Vessels VII; you can expect brand new music from the likes of Subsets & Whithe, Powlos, Lore, Charles & The Fury, Bluereso, Solace, and much more. Here’s a list of all included artists:

Reversed Fireworks
Subsets & Whithe
Jupiter Himself
Charles & The Fury
Drinking Pills
Soular Order
100 Day Delay

We can’t wait for you to hear all 14 tracks next Wednesday! Thank you for all being so patient with this release, it’ll be worth the wait!