Episode #013 of Future Astronauts Horizons is out today! This weeks episode features new artists such as coldkiss, poisonstings, and Distant Dream alongside new tracks from artists such as Xandra, Hammock, Tom Hartney, and Pensive.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 alivvve & sweeep - last night (glo remix)
4:53 coldkiss - A Day Like This
8:38 SubLion - Umbra
12:38 Jacoo - Parallel reflections
15:27 Cerah - Breathe
18:58 poisonstings - stuck
22:54 Xandra - New Beginnings
25:38 Hammock - Clinging
30:32 Distant Dream - Reflection
35:55 Tom Hartney & Pensive - You Are

glo - gloneiric.bandcamp.com/track/alivvve-sweeep-last-night-glo-remix
coldkiss - soundcloud.com/coldkissmusic
SubLion - soundcloud.com/sublion
Jacoo - soundcloud.com/jacoo/jacoo-parallel-reflections
Cerah - soundcloud.com/cerahmusic/breathe
poisonstings - soundcloud.com/poisonstings
Xandra - xandraamusic.bandcamp.com/track/new-beginnings
Hammock - shop.hammockmusic.com/album/the-night-you-caught-on-fire-clinging
Distant Dream - distantdream.bandcamp.com/album/your-own-story
Tom Hartney & Pensive - tomhartneyandpensive.bandcamp.com/album/chaser-of-light-ep