Episode #018 of Horizons is here! This week's show is stocked full of great new ambient music with new music from Aerocity, Luis Mielich, and Kazukii alongside some fantastic math-rock inspired works from Fla.mingo and Capturelight.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Kazukii - Dawn
3:55 Luis Miehlich - If You Come Back (Aerocity Rework)
8:12 Refraq - Take Me Away / Marsco (with Jacob Riddall)
14:46 4th Front - Vinatieri
17:53 unforseen - Prom Night
21:28 Fla.mingo - The Haunt
25:42 Capturelight - Midsummer Pixie
30:22 Tides Of Man - Infinite Ceiling
35:12 Luis Miehlich - Starlight

Kazukii - ohthatkazuki.bandcamp.com/album/venla
Aerocity - soundcloud.com/aerocity/if-you-come-back
Refraq - soundcloud.com/refraq/take-me-away-marsco-with-jacob-riddall
4th Front - soundcloud.com/4thfront/4th-front-vinatieri
unforseen - unforseen.bandcamp.com/album/5-18-9-14
Fla.mingo - flamingo-music.bandcamp.com/album/the-haunt
Capturelight - capturelight.bandcamp.com/track/midsummer-pixie
Tides Of Man - tidesofman.bandcamp.com/
Luis Miehlich - archivesdubmusic.bandcamp.com/album/silences