Episode #020 of Horizons is here! This weeks episode of Horizons contains new music from Dawncall, palence, r.beny, and more alongside new artists such as Biscoln and Slow Clinic! Thanks go out to Rocket Empire for the listener demo submission. Also, I highly suggest listening through the new Helios album in its entirety (link below).

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Thanks for listening!

0:00 Intro
0:24 Rocket Empire - Ana Uhibbuka (Instrumental Mix)
5:11 Biscoln - city of rain (ft. nabeela)
10:07 Dawncall - Alive (ft. HANDS)
13:35 JPom - Crossroads
17:56 Bucky - I Do
21:52 palence - flim
25:42 r.beny - formation variation
29:49 Slow Clinic - Ricochet
37:28 Engvall - Rainy Nights
39:45 Helios - Even Today

Rocket Empire - rocketempiremusic.bandcamp.com/
Biscoln - soundcloud.com/biscoln/city-of-rain-ft-nabeela-1
Dawncall - soundcloud.com/dawncall/dawncall-alivefthands
JPom - dreamscape.bandcamp.com/album/purpose-ep
Bucky - soundcloud.com/bucky-music/bucky-i-do-free-dl
palence - palence.bandcamp.com/track/flim
r.beny - soundcloud.com/rbeny/formation-variation
Slow Clinic - slowclinic.bandcamp.com/
Engvall - soundcloud.com/kaleb-engvall/rainy-nights
Helios - store.unseen-music.com/album/veriditas