Episode #024 of Horizons is here! This week's episode has new ambient and future garage music from Sublab, Bucky, and Exist Strategy alongside new artists Zarr, Long Arm, ilias, and more! To finish things off, check out the title track from the new Hammock LP!

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Thanks for listening!

0:00 Intro
0:20 zarr. - Cloudform
7:52 Sublab - Until We're Gone Forever
11:51 Bucky - You & Me
16:56 Long Arm - Sleepy Bird
24:57 Jameson Nathan Jones & Elskavon - Still as Troubled Waters
30:05 Tsunxmi - (Mono no Aware)
37:12 Exist Strategy - Quiet. At Dawn
39:23 ilias - Sunday morning
42:06 Hammock - Universalis

zarr. - zarr.bandcamp.com/album/cloudform
Sublab - sublab.bandcamp.com/track/until-were-gone-forever
Bucky - soundcloud.com/bucky-music/bucky-you-me-free-dl
Long Arm - projectmooncircle.bandcamp.com/album/darkly
Jameson Nathan Jones & Elskavon - elskavon.bandcamp.com/album/still-as-troubled-waters
Tsunxmi - bludhoney.com/album/pictures-of-you
Exist Strategy - existstrategy.bandcamp.com/album/singles
ilias - iliasfeels.bandcamp.com/album/mes-sentiments-sont-dans-mes-r-ves
Hammock - shop.hammockmusic.com/album/universalis