Episode #028 of Horizons is here! To close out 2018, we have an ambient mix with tracks from the new 4lienetic album, Taylormade, The Aurora Principle, Cerah, and more.

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Thanks for listening!

Alaskan Tapes & Feverkin - Here & There
4lienetic - Changing
bedroom - a subtle lapse in time
taylormade - I Know You’ve Forgotten Me
Former Hero - Ecotone
Light Sleeper - Ambiguous Forms
The Aurora Principle - Winter’s Last Twilight
Cerah - years to come
Hammock - We Watched You Disappear

Alaskan Tapes & Feverkin - feverkin.bandcamp.com/track/here-there
4lienetic - 4lienetic.bandcamp.com/album/inure
bedroom - iambedroom.bandcamp.com/album/1217-ep
taylormade - soundcloud.com/madebytaylor/i-know-youve-forgotten-me
Former Hero - formerhero.bandcamp.com/album/ecotone
Light Sleeper - lightsleeper1.bandcamp.com/album/pale-creation
The Aurora Principle - auroraprinciple.bandcamp.com/track/winters-last-twilight
Cerah - soundcloud.com/cerahmusic/years-to-come
Hammock - shop.hammockmusic.com/album/universalis