Episode #034 of Horizons starts off with new ambient music from returners like Alaskan Tapes and Solace alongside newcomers to the series like Abstract Aprils and Arafura, and finishes off with some fresh, stripped-back post-rock from ILIVEHERE. and The National Park Service.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Kaisuku - Blossomed
4:38 Alaskan Tapes - Where They Lay
10:40 Arafura - HUMORES II
17:46 Solace - Residence
21:07 Abstract Aprils - Blair Eyes
24:38 Sole Massif & Jacob Newman - Santrauka III
28:15 Michael FK - Abaft
31:55 ILIVEHERE. - everything is where it's supposed to be
34:35 The National Park Service - I curl up in my hollow tree and dream about spring
38:25 Cosi - You Are My Friend You Are Special

Kaisuku - kaigarage.bandcamp.com
Alaskan Tapes - alaskantapes.bandcamp.com
Arafura - arafura.bandcamp.com/album/humores-i-iv
Solace - soundcloud.com/solace_music
Abstract Aprils - abstractaprils.bandcamp.com
Sole Massif & Jacob Newman - jacobnewman.bandcamp.com
Michael FK - michaelfk.bandcamp.com
ILIVEHERE. - ilivehere.bandcamp.com
The National Park Service - thenationalparkservice.bandcamp.com
Cosi - cosi.bandcamp.com