Episode 35 of Horizons begins with future garage from AK, Direct, and Prigida and is followed by new ambient and post rock from artists such as Luis Alvarez, Alex Bober, and M Shutak.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 AK - Everyday Issues
3:33 Direct - Tired Eyes
7:39 Prigida - Inmost
10:35 Handbook Of Magic - Neptune's Last City
14:21 Lowercase Noises - A Little Time With the Tree's Roots
19:00 Luis Alvarez - Indoor Sailing
23:47 M Shutak - Grow Old Graceful
27:37 Alex Bober - Friendly Raindrops
33:30 Kyle Bobby Dunn - Rachel (hiver eternal)

AK - music.aljoshakonstanty.com
Direct - direct.bandcamp.com
Prigida - soundcloud.com/prigida/prigida-inmost
Handbook Of Magic - soundcloud.com/handbookofmagic/neptunes-last-city
Lowercase Noises - music.lowercasenoises.com
Luis Alvarez - luisalvarezmus.bandcamp.com
M Shutak - mshutak.bandcamp.com
Alex Bober - alexbober.bandcamp.com
Kyle Bobby Dunn - pitp.bandcamp.com/album/from-here-to-eternity