Episode #042 showcases a mix of new ambient and drone from artists new to the podcast like Retromental and Daniel Wohl alongside returners like 4lienetic, Jogging House, Waller, and Lorn.

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0:00 Intro
0:49 Eccovillage - Remember The Sky (ft. Puri)
5:40 Jogging House - Coral
12:43 Retromental - A Breath
19:08 4lienetic - Petunia
22:25 loscil - Equivalent 7
32:30 36- Inside
37:34 Daniel Wohl - Dream Sequence
41:34 Waller - Witness

Artist Links:
Eccovillage - ecovillage.bandcamp.com
Jogging House - seilrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lure
Retromental - retromental.bandcamp.com
4lienetic - 4lienetic.bandcamp.com
loscil - loscil.bandcamp.com
LORN - lorn.bandcamp.com
36 - 3six.net/album/hypersona-2
Daniel Wohl - danielwohl.bandcamp.com
Waller - edwaller.bandcamp.com