Episode #045 is an ambient mix featuring artists new the podcast such as Rameses III, Snufmumriko, and Delectatio alongside returner like Blure and Cerah. Additionally, we have tracks off of brand new records from falls and Alaskan Tapes.

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0:00 Intro
0:49 falls - june15 - onedrone (2015)
5:11 Alaskan Tapes - Views From Sixteen Stories
9:09 Pepo Galan - Train Without Direction
13:24 Blure - Self Portrait
16:08 Cerah - In Air
21:11 Snufmumriko - Silent Shores
26:23 falls - bea
29:15 Rameses III - All Shall Be Well
40:12 Delectatio - Lamento

Artist Links:
falls - fallsboii.bandcamp.com
Alaskan Tapes - alaskantapes.bandcamp.com
Pepo Galan - pepogalan.bandcamp.com
Blure - blure.bandcamp.com
Cerah - soundcloud.com/cerahmusic/in-air
Snufmumriko - dewtonerecordings.com/album/this-tide-will-bring-you-home
Rameses III - ramesesiii.bandcamp.com
Delectatio - delectatiomusic.bandcamp.com