Episode #046 starts with new ambient from AK & Sublab, and is then followed by ambient from the new Slow Meadow LP, and topped off with post-rock from the new We Lost The Sea LP.

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0:00 Intro
0:57 AK & Sublab - Zyklus
4:55 Faodail - Nostos (Returning)
9:57 Slow Meadow - Artificial Algorithm
13:56 the volume settings folder - Pastoral Hiss
20:22 Cosi - Earth 2
24:45 Dismantalits - Siren
29:11 We Lost The Sea - A Beautiful Collapse
36:38 Gavin Miller - Two Years And One Minute Earlier

Artist Links:
AK & Sublab - aksublab.bandcamp.com/track/zyklus
Faodail - faodail.bandcamp.com
Slow Meadow - slowmeadow.bandcamp.com
the volume settings folder - oscarson.bandcamp.com
Cosi - cosi.bandcamp.com/album/the-astronaut-from-mars
Dismantalits - workshirtrecordings.bandcamp.com/track/sirens
We Lost The Sea - welostthesea.bandcamp.com/
Gavin Miller - gavinmiller.bandcamp.com/album/ruins