Episode #063 begins with new ambient from Hilyard, SineRider, Waller, and visiting ghost and crescendos into some heavy new post from This Will Destroy You's newest release.

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Chris Child & Michah Frank - Kettle Cove
4:25 Hilyard - Snowpack
8:34 visiting ghost - sleeping pill
12:17 Cerah - Amnesty
15:42 SineRider - Portage
19:08 Mogwai - El Dante
22:25 Waller - Modern Life
27:25 Dear Sailor - Thousand Pieces & Icebergs (feat. Suso Saiz)
37:35 This Will Destroy You - Arena
43:42 senahu - Feel

Artist Links:
Chris Child & Michah Frank - micahfrank.bandcamp.com/album/tape-pieces-vol-2
Hilyard - hilyard.bandcamp.com/album/on-the-sorrow-of-firn
visiting ghost - visitingghost.bandcamp.com/album/light-spills-out
Cerah - kagerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/kage-vol-two-fading-lights
SineRider - sinerider.bandcamp.com/album/video-sketches
Mogwai - mogwai.bandcamp.com/album/zerozerozero
Waller - edwaller.bandcamp.com/album/unacknowledged-echoes
Dear Sailor - pepogalan.bandcamp.com/album/thousand-pieces-icebergs
This Will Destroy You - thiswilldestroyyou.bandcamp.com/album/variations-rarities-2004-2019-vol-i
senahu - senahu.bandcamp.com/album/function-feel