We're back again with the 53rd episode of the Future Astronauts Podcast, packed full to the brim with beautiful laid back beats and bass. This weeks episode features music from the likes of Cobalt Rabbit, Vassh & Haven, xJK, Axel Grassi-Havnen, plus a first listen of my (Soular Order) new EP titled Isonomic, which is available from the 18th April via City By Night Records. (Feels a little odd playing my own music, but i do it for every CBN release so i thought i should haha).

Hope you guys enjoy this episode!



Soular Order - Isonomic EP (0:00)
Cobalt Rabbit - Andlos (feat. Glo) (14:28)
Stormzy - Shutup (Vassh & Haven VIP) (21:28)
Raine & Clockvice - Wonderful (24:53)
Swept Away - Naïve (30:13)
xJK. - a walk in the rain (33:22)
YAYAYI - Casino (35:57)
Crosby - succumb [prod. by bsd.u] (39:14)
CHARLIE SHULZ - Euphoria (summer vibes) (40:28)
Axel Grassi-Havnen - Day Of Departure (41:46)
Spectre - Things Shine Brightest When They're Being Broken (45:32)