Episode #059 is here, and this one is a little different than usual. This week, we've got an hour long special guest mix from Selerac, including tracks from the likes of Taylor M, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Ricky Eat Acid, Ex Confusion and loads more.

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Pursuing Paradise - In The Woods (0:00)
Mega Flare - Blue Skies (2:42)
Trans Bedroom Sound - Descending Dusk (3:59)
Taylor M. - I have more fun behind my eyelids than I do in this class (5:05)
Kyle Bobby Dunn - Boring Foothills of Foot Fetishville (7:18)
Ocean Bump- Control (14:01)
Alex Cobb- Disporting With A Shadow (21:31)
Ex Confusion - Flow (24:45)
Stars of The Lid- Sun Drugs (27:32)
James Devane - 8-10 (39:28)
James Devane - 10-15 (41:11)
Ricky Eat Acid - In rural Virginia; Watching Lights Crawl From The Dark Corners Of The Room (46:14)
Blithe Field - Milkshakes In The Rain (53:17)