Episode #063 of the Future Astronauts Podcast has arrived and is packed full of lofi hip hop goodness, so expect loads of laid back music from the likes of lungfulls, fushou, proflogik, alex and more!

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Thanks for listening!


_fuux - and I saw her in my dream again. (00:00)
mndbd - peachy (03:49)
Rob Smyles - rhh(rsr) (06:01)
lungfulls - mandala (08:45)
ntourage - dewey [90 bpm] (12:02)
Rene Schier - Hide and Seek (14:46)
Døms øe - On a Mission Prod.(robertcashman) (17:30)
fushou - fat.backs (19:49)
drohves - ??? (22:05)
ewonee - Abyssy (24:16)
a l e x - lord you're okay (26:23)
proflogik - Too Many Edibles (29:20)
100day delay - afterthought (31:43)