Episode 065 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here (apologies it's a little late), and as always it's packed to the brim with quality music from producers and musicians around the world. This weeks episode features tracks from the likes of Knxwledge, Loka, Skit x CVRL, Autumn Keys, Rustica and loads more.

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Thanks for listening!


Rustica - Feeling Lost (ft. Caitlin Burrows) (00:00)
Skit x Cvrl - Nova (04:22)
Soular Order - Coming Home (08:35)
VAGUE003 - pink skies / black hearts (11:45)
Tom C - Cabin (14:21)
Purple Cloud - Lotus Blossom (17:17)
geerad - saturdaycartoons (20:06)
dyalla - Mr. Optimistic (22:09)
autumn keys - meditation (24:28)
Knxwledge - OvrMyne (27:04)
nymano - solitude (31:27)
akihabara! - gucci (33:38)
loka - conflate (35:49)
unforseen - i'm still waiting for you to come back (37:52)