We're back with episode #068 of the Future Astronauts Podcast! This week, we've got tracks from the likes of Eternall, jetson, pearl, Poolz, 100day delay and loads more.

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100day delay - Shine (00:00)
mr. moon x ivohé - dalston daydream (04:02)
pearl - I'm Okay (07:06)
Soular Order - They'll Lie To You (08:45)
jetson - dylan reider (12:10)
instupendo - light lock (13:56)
Heavy Hearts - we forgot each other's names (16:57)
Charlie Rain - a u t u m n l e a v e s (21:20)
Hazy Nights - Rearview (23:23)
Cassini - Heal (25:42)
Eternall - A Million Starflakes (28:43)
Lambert McGaughy - Ember (32:16)
Poolz - I know, I have to let You go (34:27)