Firstly, apologies that this episode is a week late. Christmas and New Year were pretty hectic, and i didn’t have time to get the recording done, so i’m sorry about that. But! Episode #70 is here now, and its packed to the brim with awesome music from the likes of Noize, onitram, plusma, 100 day delay and loads more.

Hope you all had a great New Year, and i hope you guys enjoy this weeks show. If you do, please consider sharing it and leaving us a rating over on iTunes. You can get in touch with us over on Discord, Twitter, or right here on the website.

Thanks for listening!


Azaleh – Forever In My Heart (00:00)
100 Day Delay – Lantern (04:06)
Bassti – to all the ladys in the place (08:12)
beatboxbandit – 2ru (10:07)
gawdlee – titans feat. Atlas (prod. purpan. x [matador]) (12:14)
Noize – Life (feat shamana) (14:01)
Coryayo – shelooksfly (16:49)
Not To Be Confused With – i NO (19:12)
ShunGu – iamaman (21:22)
Onitram – Missy (23:23)
plusma – intrfcs (24:22)
[ceilla] – overwhelmed (26:50)
Liam J Hennessy – Over The Bay (30:13)
Soular Order – New Beginnings (34:27)