We're back with episode #071 of the Future Astronauts Podcast, featuring a wealth of lofi hiphop and ambient music from the likes of Orloe, Dan Matic, Farragol, Kawfee and loads more.

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Saga Asad - Chelada (00:00)
Orloe - drm o' me (02:16)
Dan Matic - Ear Crack/Half Gallon Bounce (05:02)
DMVU x Ill Chill - The Wax Room (08:28)
Cram x Aru2 - Pure diabolic (11:49)
Dr Dundiff - Jezebel (14:37)
FarragoL - pure[G-RW] (18:46)
Ill Tal - Start Better (22:52)
Philanthrope - Levitate (25:01)
j a y g a d d y - Strollin' (27:51)
ill.fitting - necrosis (30:21)
Blou - Tea (33:16)
moshimoss - Two thousand years later (36:06)