Episode #074 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here! This weeks episode features a wealth of lofi hiphop, downtempo and ambient music from the likes of shamana, csd, bsd.u phelian and more. For more info on Vessels 005, please visit: futureastronauts.net/vessels005

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Grandyzer – Before Dawn (00:00)
Phelian – Scarlet (07:23)
lynchobite – Heartbeat (11:16)
Shamana – Reckless (15:27)
TSI – brb (17:55)
bsd.u – pook (20:55)
Mono:Massive – Bluemoon Rmx (22:50)
skywlkr x shamana – 1hunnid (26:22)
RSNZ – One/Sleeping Awake (28:11)
Mosch – Sanoha (30:18)
Chris McClenney – Vanessa’s Tune (34:56)
csd – wifegoals (37:56)
Natus – City in the Sky (39:43)
Levi Patel – Since last letters (43:41)