Episode #075 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here! This weeks episode features a wealth of lofi hiphop, downtempo and ambient music from the likes of Myst, Alicks, submerse, handbook and loads more. For more info on Vessels 005, please visit: futureastronauts.net/vessels005

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Jellis - Your Heart (00:00)
Grandyzer - Lifeblood (04:30)
Myst - Zero (10:03)
Submerse - Sidequests (12:18)
borealism - stonehand (15:39)
drohves - stillwithu (18:31)
Elijah Nang - Haru (21:38)
Aso - Sun In My Face (24:16)
Handbook - Rose Gardens (27:33)
Orloe - how it hurts (30:46)
Alicks - deathly (34:00)
Flying Children - The National Olympics, Where Everyone Wins A Silver Medal (Endgame Scenario) (40:12)