A very special episode #078 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here. This week, we're premiering the Vessels V compilation in its entirety, featuring tracks from the likes of Rustica, Michael FK, Uinta, William French, 4lienetic and loads more. The compilation comes out on Monday the 8th of May, and all donations will be forwarded to Mind UK and the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, so please be sure to pick it up when it drops, as it's for an important cause that effects a lot of us.

Download Vessels V Here.

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Thanks for listening!


IOM - you promised to come back (00:00)
Uinta - Maples (03:33)
Drohves - _Escape (06:50)
Andy Leech - Thinking Of You (08:53)
Orloe - How It Hurts (14:06)
Rustica - Cassian (17:13)
Constellations - Ponder (19:37)
Blure - Los Cometas Del Tiempo (23:06)
Michael FK - Need U (26:11)
Lambert McGaughy - Abyss (29:32)
William French - Heart (33:54)
Charles & The Fury - Moments of Sublimity (38:33)
Bluereso - How I've Been (44:34)
100 day delay - raise your wings (48:24)
4lienetic - Mistakes (53:15)