Episode #80 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is finally here! Apologies that it's a week late, but we have loads of awesome lofi hiphop and ambient music for you as always, including tracks from Emune, Eeph, William French, IOM and loads more.

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Thanks for listening!


Intro (00:00)
BluntOne - Call of the underground (0:38)
emune - fallback (02:40)
Nohidea - monochrome (05:50)
Sleepless - Moments (07:47)
Visceral & o k h o - Weekends That Vanish (10:35)
Soular Order - They'll Lie To You [IOM Remix] (13:28)
Phloem - spacebarred80 (16:28)
BILO 503 - patagonia (18:31)
William French - lofi deep sleep jam (21:40)
Eeph - Polarity (24:14)
Grandyzer - Foreign Body (27:47)
No Theory - Plutonic Waves Part 1 (34:31)
Liquid Memoirs - An Old Memory (36:51)