Episode #81 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here, and this time it's a special one. This week, we've got an exclusive first stream of A L E X's brand new album "Growing Up, Vol 1", which will be released on 26/06 via beatsupply. Be sure to check out the full album in this episode, and pick up a copy when it drops. Also, there is no voice over in this episode, as i've been having some mic issues when recording. I'll make sure it's fixed for the next episode!

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01 - (intro) sorry about what happened last night
02 - the burn marks on my epiano wont go away
03 - i wasnt allowed to watch whose line as a kid but i think its pretty good now
04 - auburn flowers
05 - zeldas lullaby
06 - elevator music
07 - missing my ntpp
08 - i miss having sleep overs
09 - interlude for felix
10 - Hisaishi
11 - snoozin
12 - this one
13 - no one would miss me
14 - drive me home
15 - Isaiah's unsung love song
16 - no one really seems to care (feat. Alicks)
17 - y did u say tht
18 - lord you're okay
19 - ganymede elegy
20 - am am am
21 - growing up
22 - sleep next to me