Episode #083 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is finally here, and this week my good buddy 100 Day Delay filled in for me (still a little under the weather) so huuuuuge thank you to him for that. It also doubled up as our contribution to the Just A Chill Room anniversary event over on dubtrack.fm.

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Thanks for listening!

0:00 Intro
1:14 Jon Hopkins – Candles
3:32 falls – details in walking
5:16 a l e x – sorry about what happened last night
6:35 constellations – XXIII
9:40 xandra – drift
12:27 uinta – avocados
15:02 IOM – catch some sleep
17:36 interlude
19:45 Late June – Little Heart (ft. H/\rvey)
22:00 raiku – Arc V
24:19 lapalux – without you (ft. Kerry Leatham)
29:18 Azaleh – Rainy Nights
32:52 Bluereso – How I’ve Been
36:37 EASTGHOST – Blue Mountain Heartland
39:41 Orloe – Then Tomorrow
42:11 machinedrum – vizion (centered)
44:35 4lienetic – Last Forever (VIP)
47:32 100 day delay – cicada
51:45 drohves – where we came from
53:35 solace – epilogue