Episode #089 of the Future Astronauts Podcast has finally arrived, and this time, it's a special episode. Our friends over at Insight Music have been kind enough to let us stream their brand new compilation album Saorsa, in it's entirety. You can expect a wide range of bass focused music from the likes of  Vacant, Enzalla, Subsets, Rift and loads more. Be sure to pick up a copy when it drops tomorrow (Monday Oct. 30th) available in both physical and digital formats. Click here for more info and to purchase the Saorsa album.

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Thanks for listening!

Intro (00:00)
Ambyion - Sound of Ligeia (00:39)
Vacant - Leaving You (04:30)
Enzalla - Pathways (08:12)
Soular Order - Keyframes (11:29)
Faodail - Adrift (14:54)
Eikona & Nare - Call Your Name (17:20)
Subsets - Disowned (20:47)
Cobalt Rabbit - Things Will Get Better (26:15)
KANT SLEEP - Asthmå (30:05)
Finding Hope - Beneath The Surface (36:06)
myk. - Tuscon (39:55)
Emiliano Secchi - Ignition (45:30)
Phelian - Elysium (48:59)
Rift - Breathe (53:09)