The final Future Astronauts Podcast episode of the year is here! As always you can expect loads of awesome music ranging from future garage to lofi hiphop, with tracks from the likes of Champloo, Orloe, Zepis, Sibewest and loads more. Special thank you to Paul for becoming our latest patron, and a huge thank you to everyone for supporting us this year. We've grown a lot, and it's all thanks to you guys.

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Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune into Horizons next weekend. Happy Holidays!

Intro (00:00)
Archer Official - The Flood (00:53)
Sibewest - Redline (03:43)
Greencyde - Into the Blue feat. Ashley Rose [Kazukii remix] (08:08)
Orloe - Thousand Mile Stare (13:35)
HIKEMAH - thunderpeal (16:41)
Lafayette Ellis - Cajun Sunrise (18:55)
Coach Motel - Batlife (21:11)
Bad Juju - We Don't Have To (Fall In Love) (23:51)
Zepis - sabd_ (25:50)
Mittens?? - I Love You Too Much (27:29)
Champloo - Wild Growth (31:27)
Human Centerpiece - Berceuse (35:29)
waterproof - Claybrooke (37:50)
Soular Order - The View From here Is A Brick Wall (42:40)