Episode #096 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here and as always, its full of lofi hiphop, ambient and downtempo music goodness. This week, you can expect music from the likes of submerse, Hammock, Knowmadic, Kyori and loads more. We'd also like to give a big thank you to Jozye for becoming our latest patron! Thanks for joining the FA Family.

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Thanks for listening!

Intro (00:00)
monophobe - Black And Blue (01:10)
Notuv - Aspiration (02:33)
Kazumi Kaneda - Steep Cliff (05:18)
submerse - PRPL (08:49)
Knowmadic - Roam (11:29)
In Love With A Ghost - flowers (feat. nori) (13:32)
CJBEATS - hand it over (17:36)
Osvaldo - Roll The Dice (19:16)
Seneca B - Ethic (23:08)
BATBXY - fine tuning (26:40)
Mounika. - Long Silent (29:05)
kyori - bittersweet (32:41)
Strie? - Man With The Thick Glasses (34:03)
Antarctic Wastelands - Hidden (37:36)
Hammock - Union (39:47)