Episode #106 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here! As so many people enjoyed our last episode, Orloe is back again with another guest mix for us, including tracks from the likes of mvnners, tomppabeats, biosphere, Logic Moon, and much more. be sure to check out Orloe’s music at soundcloud.com/orloe

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0:00 Intro
1:23 Shah - Afterglow
4:37 Whithe - Going Home, Trying to catch feathers together
7:49 kerri - i'm sorry
10:43 tomppabeats - goodbye (ft. rei brown)
12:33 mvnners - crush
16:31 Blut Own & Blure - Interval
20:38 Fyze - Skypath
24:33 ok2222 - take me for my words.
26:54 bert - drown
28:59 biosphere - it's a great big world
31:14 ocha - summer celeste (Nemuri Winter V2)
33:11 cash - radiance
38:40 bedroom - The Inner Pattern
42:33 Logic Moon - The Pink Truth
45:02 Logic Moon - Arising
47:21 Blut Own - Endless Space In Mirror
51:24 Kazukii - Changes
54:53 bokeru - a lone light