Episode #109 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here, this week hosted by Orloe. You can expect a whole bunch of lofi hiphop and ambient music, with tracks from the likes of IOM, Radial Flare, Arda Lean and more.

Special thanks to Orloe for filling in for me. Be sure to check him out on Soundcloud or Spotify.

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Thanks for listening!

00:00 Intro
00:31 Blackbird - White Noise
03:37 Tom Hartney & Pensive - Blossom
07:50 Zander One - Petrichor
11:15 Radial Flare - Grey Havens
15:00 Sublab & Dawncall - Excursion
18:36 Caleb Belkin - I fall in love, too easily
20:52 IOM - revenge
22:00 FUMEI - Ode
23:22 Juan RIOS - sol
23:22 Liam Thomas - Tomorrow
30:00 Kisnou - Sancta Mea
35:30 smokefishe - awaken
39:31 Bucky - Ashes
43:31 Arda Lean - Crying In The Rain
45:54 Auranyx - Divinity
49:21 Promethex - Oliver