Episode #117 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here! This week, we've got another guest mix from our good friend Orloe, featuring music from the likes of IOM, Riversilvers, Bluereso and more. Be sure to check out Orloe's music at soundcloud.com/orloe.

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Thanks for listening!

00:00 Intro
00:50 Resonance - Ocean
03:34 jsan - Movie Scene
05:54 lzzard - You'll Always Find Your Way
08:53 Soular Order - Compass
13:33 Bluereso - Onward Ever
16:27 leavv - Lighthouse
18:37 Lazarus Moment - Far Beyond Rolling Clouds
24:07 Kulpa x j'san - My Love
26:48 IOM x Orloe - Wrapped
30:11 Pensive - Mind
33:47 Riversilvers - Astral
36:30 Ludvig Cimbrelius - Illuviatio