Episode #133 is here (albeit a few days late). This week, we've got a bunch of lofi, ambient and future garage music from the likes of Homeomorphic, Micah Frank, Strehlow and more. Up first, we've got a track from Zachdiaz called Long Queue, which is taken from his forthcoming album titled Hard Wax, which is out on August 5th.

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Intro (0:00)
Zachdiaz - Long Queue (0:49)
Strehlow - Dream Girl (3:08)
Sizze - Chillout (5:28)
LeVirya - Shadow (7:31)
HOMEOMORPHIC - Tangle (9:26)
Klātu - Blossom Unbound (12:55)
Deelanee Orchestra - Drawing Hands (17:01)
The Invisible - A Particle of Love (20:02)
offthesky & the humble bee - For Her Breath Is On All That Hath Life (21:15)
Micah Frank - Quetico - 01 Silver Straits (26:40)
Vinuela / Rosenberg - Décembre 29 -Varispeed- (30:37)
Hotel Neon - Falling Away (33:54)