Episode #134 is here! This week, I've been ridiculously busy, so our good friend Orloe stepped in again to put together an excellent mix for us, including music from the likes of Alicks, Pensive, Umber and more. Be sure to check out Orloe's music over on soundcloud at soundcloud.com/orloe.

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Thanks for listening!

Intro / Blut Own - Passion (0:00)
TBFM - Choice (4:11)
The Captive Oceans - Anew (8:01)
Umber - Low Tide (13:31)
alicks - stay for two years (18:15)
Oscuro - Take My Hand (20:19)
Pensive - Mind (24:24)
Shallou - . . . Lost (27:45)
DuNock - Internal Struggle (30:31)
Balmy - Nightwalker (35:30)
Atis Freivalds - Stargazing (40:00)