Episode #140 of the Future Astronauts Podcast is here! This week, we've got an excellent mix put together by our good friend Orloe, with tracks from the likes of Ed Carlsen, Vacant, Uppermost and more.

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Thanks for listening!

Cash - Aether (0:00)
Ed Carlsen - Otto (Steve Gibbs Remix) (3:28)
Dunerunner - Far From (7:57)
Jay-Lounge - Snowflakes (11:00)
Vacant - Disappearance (14:45)
Ennuison - Our Eyes Connected (18:25)
Rusez1 - Gone (22:40)
sensi eye - behind (26:37)
Introspecter - Worlds Long Gone (SineRider Remix) (29:00)
Uppermost - Night Walk (Azaleh Remix) (34:20)
Inchange - Cure (38:25)
Eternall - Healing (43:40)