Vessels Compilation 001

The Vessels compilation will be a free to download compilation of “atmospheric music” by various artists in the ambient/drum & bass/garage/dubstep genres.

The aim for the compilation is to feature roughly 20 unsigned tracks from artists around the globe to help further the exposure of said artists, the genres and Future Astronauts.
We’d prefer it if the tracks were unreleased and unsigned (not essential, just so long as the label agrees). As it’s a free release, artists can’t be paid for this. However, it does offer extensive promotion as all artists retain all copyrights and full credit on each track.


Deadline for submissions:  Thursday 10th May 2012  – (The deadline has passed.)


Thank you to everybody who submitted music for this compilation!

All the submissions that we have received will be listened to and considered. We will try our best to get in touch with everybody who sent a track for this compilation, to let them know whether or not their song has been picked for inclusion.