Our 9th Compilation

Vessels IX is the fifth installment in our annual ambient charity compilation album series benefitting the Mental Health Foundation [UK] and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention [US] and aimed at raising awareness. This project is our largest to date, made possible by the generous donation of tracks from 20 familiar and new artists alike.

Please join us in supporting this cause by downloading the compilation, streaming it, or just sharing it with a friend. 100% of all money raised in the first 90 days is donated to charity. Huge thank you to all the artists involved with this project, to our patrons and select subscribers, and everyone who has supported us along the way.


Jupiter Himself - Wavering Minds
Pr4ntik - I thought it was okay but I was wrong
Cash - Standstill
Arda Leen - Falling Lost
Poolz - Ocean Waves
Riversilvers - Forever
Esolagoto - Reminiscent
Haquin - Obsidian
Our Lovely Loose Ends - Someday Now
Orloe - All Recorded Days
Megadead - Tragedy, Doom & So On
Project AER - Passing Time
Charles & The Fury - Movements in Time
100 Day Delay - Amber
Philichordia - Gift
Modulated Memories - Aerochrome
Solace - Weston
Blure - Sudden Light
Soular Order - Navigator
This Too Shall Pass - On Sleeping Alone