Since 2014, we’ve delivered music podcasts. We’ve had the pleasure of listening to, and pushing, some of the greatest music around. We’ve also had the privilege of working with some incredible people on our Vessels compilations; so we thought, why just compilations?

Jon and Justin have been running Future Astronauts mostly as podcast hosts, but also have been building FA as a platform to discover and foster the music we believe in. FA has grown tremendously, and with Orloe and Solace recently taking over podcast hosting duties, Jon and Justin have had the chance to take a step back to work in other areas; namely starting to represent music with releases, not just podcasts.

So, starting at the end of October 2020, Future Astronauts will also be a record label.

We’re planning to represent some of the best in ambient and downtempo music with both digital and physical releases, starting with the brand new album “Entropy” from FA’s own Soular Order, releasing on October 29th of this year.

We’re planning to do multiple releases per year, with physicals on vinyl, tape and CD, and digital on all major platforms. Physical releases will most likely begin towards the end of the year, bearing in mind the impact of COVID-19.

All Patrons and Mixcloud Select subscribers will be getting some cool stuff too. Including exclusive discounts for all releases, early listens and freebies.

So what about the podcasts? They’re staying, and they will continue to grow. They’re our bread and butter after all! We’ll also be continuing our charity work with yearly Vessels compilations, with Vessels IX slated for May 2021.

We want to thank you all for helping us get to where we are right now. If it wasn’t for all your support on the podcasts and Vessels, this wouldn’t be possible.

We’re really looking forward to the future (ha) of Future Astronauts, and we really hope you are too.

— The Future Astronauts Team.