Hey guys. As episode #050 is just around the corner, the website has undergone a shiny new update! As you can tell, a few things have changed, mostly minor, but the main thing is how the podcasts are presented on the site. Rather than just embedding a Mixcloud player, we now use our own.

The big reason for this, is that we often do EP or album streams for new releases. As the tracks are usually sequential, we ran into some problems on Mixcloud. Mixcloud has an automatic copy protection system in the player, that blocks playback in some countries when it sees multiple tracks from the same artist in a row. This is beneficial in most cases, as it stops somebody just uploading an entire album as a mix, but it’s detrimental to us (considering every ep/lp stream is done with the artists consent). To get around this, I decided that as I’m already uploading the podcasts for download through iTunes, I might as well have the default player on the site running from the same file. It works nicely on all platforms (including mobile) so it should be just as accessible as the mixcloud player. Don’t worry though, if you prefer mixcloud, i’ll still be uploading the podcasts over there at the same time as the website.

Hope you guys like the updates i’ve made! If you have any feedback, be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

Catch you in episode #050 this Sunday!