Welcome to episode #067 of Future Astronauts Horizons.

I'm your host, Solace, and today I'd like to talk to you all, heart to heart.
Most may not know, since our communities and even identities are largely built around anonymity, but I am black. Afro-Canadian with brown skin. Now, most may say it doesn't matter, all that counts is the music, and that would truly be nice, but it's simply not the case.
It becomes quite easy to be lost in the anonymity of the ambient scene, forgetting that there are people like me, fans and artists alike. It becomes easy to feel alone in a world that is so openly hostile to the people who look, walk, and talk like me.
It's times like these that I remind myself that I'm part of a community of people, that when I lose that veil air of mystery, when people can attach a face, a race to the enigma, I'm cherished for who I am.
It's not that the colour of my skin never mattered to people, that they couldn't see it, but that they embraced my identity, including that colour, that brown skin.

I've been in the chill/ambient scene for almost ten years and I've been shown the love all of you have to give. Let's do our best to make sure we continue to make this space one every person, no matter who they are, no matter their identity, can feel that love.

I wanted to do my part so in the links below you'll find black artists highlighted with two stars (**) and artists whose showcased releases directly support in their fight (NAACP, MFF, etc.) with one star (*)

Thank you all

- Solace

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Thanks for listening!

0:00 Intro
1:32 Solace - we never mattered**
3:50 Hirotaka Shirotsubaki - Warm Rain
10:20 Imka - Conclusion**
14:03 Fading Language - Autumn Warmth*
18:35 The Ambiguity - One*
24:05 Solace - if they kill me // burn it down**
28:41 Swept (bluhoodie) - Naissance*
30:16 Iceboy Violet - White in the Violet in the Hotel (RMR)*
33:50 Swept (bluhoodie) - Nocturne*
38:46 Jupiter Himself - Running Away (Forthcoming July 2nd)

Artist Links: