We're back back with Episode #157 of the Future Astronauts Podcast.

As always I have a great collection of music for you from Future Garage to Ambient, including tracks from the likes of Kori, Skynetics, Project Closure and many more!

We're also very happy to showcase a new track from our friend Lambert McGaughy!
If you'd like to hear more of Lambert's music, check him out here on Bandcamp or follow him on Twitter.

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Thanks for listening!

Intro (00:00)
Lambert McGaughy - Losing Color (1:11)
Project Closure - Innocence (5:23)
Kori - All This Time (9:01)
Brutalist - Strep (12:42)
Skynetics - Metal Feathers (16:03)
Ludvig Cimbrelius - Borderland (19:45)
Luis Miehlich - Southwards (26:35)
Solace - lungs (30:57)
vapey - legacy (33:15)
Shuta Yaukochi - Into The Forest (37:53)