We're finally here. Episode 100 of the Future Astronauts Podcast has arrived, and we're growing stronger than ever. All thanks to you guys! This week's episode is a bit of a special one, it's jointly hosted by 100 Day Delay and myself, and to top it off, it's 100 minutes long! As always it's filled with all kinds of lofi hiphop, future garage and ambient music, with tracks from the likes of IOM, Senoy, Aso, plus MA, Haquin and loads more. Haquin - Rever Ft. Sir Bishop is available to pre order here.

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Thanks for listening!

Delayde - Frilled
Orloe - Here For You
Bitte Please - Open Into Everything
IOM - Rei
Haquin - Rever Ft. Sir Bishop
Senoy - Ifra
Stan Forebee & Kyle McEvoy - Kensington
Aso & Middle School - Tomorrow Never Knows
Xandra - Evergreen
HM Surf - Swix
Romos - Rachel / Shira
Plusma - Troubadix
H O M E O M O R P H I C  - I Remember
Direct - Millions
Riversilvers - Sun In Your Eyes
Stay - Too Tired
Blut Own - Awaken
Sonn - Choke
Nauuda X Emawk - Never Let You Go
Ntourage - Vrbl_glck W/ Abe M
Orloe - //post_empire
Tim Schaufert - Sublime (ft. Schwin)
Ayroh - This Is The Last Time
False Noise - Shiver
Frequent - Contiunuity Error
Direct - As Time Goes By
Late June - You & I
Haven - Holdon.
Vassh - Strapped In
Dillard - Mekka
Morethansilence - Memories
Laxcity - Introvert
Ed Carlsen - Bliss
A Cerulean State - Tubes
The Aurora Principle - Passing Light