Episode #107 of the Future Astronauts Podcast has arrived! This week’s show is packed full of lofi hiphop and ambient music as always, with tracks from the likes of Aso, Simara, Poolz, Greencyde and much more.

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Intro (0:00)
SwuM. - nothing's gonna hurt u (0:41)
Bunko Stew - Surmount (2:52)
Giant Golden Rings - NME20130331 2154 (5:44)
bryZone_ybp - Forgive Me (7:14)
Aso - Sundays (9:58)
falcxne x Loupo - Prayer (13:24)
SIMARA - y.bet-moTion-ween (16:41)
Borealism - -dragon.wave- (19:37)
Poolz - Yes, We're Looking At The Same Star (22:42)
Greencyde - Deep Thoughts (28:51)
Giant Golden Rings - GDNGHT (33:13)
LOCATION SERVICES - Avaya Transfer (36:47)