Episode #016 of Horizons is here! We've got some great new ambient and future garage from new artist such as Olduvai, System, and acloudyskye alongside some familiar faces. Make sure to check out the new EP's from SineRider and AK that were released this week, and stop by Alaskan Tapes' bandcamp to preorder 'You Were Always an Island'.

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Thanks for listening!

0:00 Intro
0:32 SineRider - Lonely Ocean
5:28 r beny - Takoma
9:51 Olduvai- The Deepest Gray
13:56 smokefishe - Forgotten Dreams
15:35 Andy Leech - Dawn
18:03 Kazukii - Memories
21:53 Kisnou - Skyward (w/ Kazukii)
28:02 4lienetic - Saudade (feat. A Cerulean State)
31:17 AK - Seven Miles
35:16 Cerah - Eternity
38:26 System - stable, but not secure
42:15 acloudyskye - From Home
45:12 Alaskan Tapes - Waiting (ft. Chantal)

SineRider - sinerider.bandcamp.com/album/lonely-ocean
r beny - archivesdubmusic.bandcamp.com/track/r-beny-takoma
Olduvai- olduvai1.bandcamp.com/album/words-fail-ep
smokefishe - smokefishe.bandcamp.com/track/forgotten-dreams
Andy Leech - andyleechmusic.bandcamp.com/track/dawn
Kazukii - smokefishe.bandcamp.com/track/forgotten-dreams
Kisnou - kisnou.bandcamp.com/track/skyward-w-kazukii
A Cerulean State & 4lienetic - soundcloud.com/aceruleanstate/saudade
AK - music.aljoshakonstanty.com/track/seven-miles
Cerah - soundcloud.com/cerahmusic/eternity
System - system.bandcamp.com/album/no-idea-stable-but-not-secure
acloudyskye - acloudyskye.bandcamp.com/track/from-home
Alaskan Tapes - alaskantapes.bandcamp.com/album/you-were-always-an-island