Future Astronauts Horizons #008 is here, and features great new ambient, post-rock, and future garage music from Sublab & Wistful, Orloe & Solace, Whithe and Lazarus Moment, alongside artists new to the podcast such as Corre, bedroom, and Locomotora.

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0:00 Intro
0:57 Corre - Proceed
5:11 Lazarus Moment - Homebound
9:15 Dawncall - Dive
11:29 Sublab & Wistful - My Love
15:27 Orloe & Solace - things we felt
19:16 Lius Miehlich - Southwards (live)
23:39 Kazukii - Silverlight
26:40 Locomotora - Meidän jälkeemme hiljaisuus
39:23 bedroom - Timeless
42:56 Whithe - Ona

Artist we've featured:
Corre - soundcloud.com/correcreative
Lazarus Moment - lazarusmoment.bandcamp.com/album/homebound-ep
Dawncall - soundcloud.com/dawncall
Sublab & Wistful - justchillout.bandcamp.com/album/requiem
Orloe & Solace - soundcloud.com/orloe & soundcloud.com/solace_music
Lius Miehlich - soundcloud.com/woolookologie
Kazukii - ohthatkazuki.bandcamp.com/track/silverlight
Locomotora - locomotoraband.bandcamp.com/
bedroom - iambedroom.bandcamp.com/
Whithe - soundcloud.com/whithe-sam