Episode #098 of the Future Astronauts Podcast has arrived! This weeks show is filled with quality lofi, experimental and ambient music, including tracks from the likes of FloFilz, 2814, Juan Rios, Halftribe, and loads more.

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Intro (00:00)
idealism - latenite (00:49)
Juan RIOS - perenne (02:19)
Drohves - GRL (04:47)
Robot Orchestra - Keep Me Warm (07:06)
NoMBe - Waves (10:02)
grumpysnorlax - gary oak (13:03)
FloFilz x Psalm-Trees - Smooth wit' any groove (15:51)
In Love With A Ghost - We've never met but, can we have a coffee or something (18:19)
club medd - klavierschnee (21:22)
Am.Light - Memoriam (25:26)
2814 - Guided By Love (33:38)
Halftribe - Echoes Of Us (39:23)